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Aluminum Profile 3+1 Axis CNC Drilling Milling Machine

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Aluminum Profile 3+1 Axis CNC Drilling Milling Machine

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Aluminum Profile 3+1 Axis CNC Drilling Milling Machine


Equipment Characteristics
·This machine is designed for processing round holes, slots, keyhole etc on aluminum profile, window-door and curtain wall industry, it is also suitable for processing milling, chamfering, engraving plane surface and other procedure
·Main spindle adopt air-cooling electric main axis, 3Kw power 0-18000/min have the function of high precision, high safety and high reliable
·Imported guide rail, sliding block, X axis adopt high precision oblique gear and rack driving. Y and z axis adopts high precision ball screw drive the drive is stable, so can improve the precision of whole machine.
·The worktable can overturn 180.-90m0 -+90, Clamping one time profile can realize three faces processing, When processing deeply hole hetero type hole ) it can realize deeply hole processing through overturn worktable, so can highly improve processing effciency
·Adopt manual pump oil supply system, blades adopt system control spray cooling device
·The main components adopt steel structure and they are all through aging treat ment

Technical Parameters

Power supply380V/50Hz
Air pressure0.5-0.8/MPa
Total power6KW
Main axis power3KW
Max rotary speed18000r/min
X/Y/Z-axistravel3000mm/ 500mm/ 350mm
X axis speed50000mm/min
Y and Z axis speed15000mm/min
Overall dimension4180x1600x2200mm
Weight about约1800kg

Aluminum Profile 3+1 Axis CNC Drilling Milling Machine

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