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End-milling Machine for Aluminum Door and Window

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End-milling Machine for Aluminum Door and Window

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End-milling Machine for Aluminum Door and Window

Equipment Characteristics
·Used for aluminum profile end processing, and suitable for various profiles.
·Clamp one time can process multi-piece profles which increased the processing efficdency.
·Convenient tool adjustment to meet different processing requirement
·Need not ordering tools when process various profiles thus can decrease cost and save time
·Large tool diameter, high milling speed and good processing result

·According to customer requirements of highly customized machine

Technical Parameter

Input voltage380V 50Hz
Input power4x2.2Kw
Air working pressure0.5-0.8MPa
Motor rotation speed2800r/min
Saw blade standardΦ250/Φ350
Overall dimensions3800 x 1500 x 1800mm

End-milling Machine for Aluminum Door and Window


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