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Chinas aluminum door and window industry began to change from quantitative change to qualitative change

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Chinas aluminum door and window industry began to change from quantitative change to qualitative change

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Insulating glass complete equipment manufacturers tell you: As the market competition intensifies and people's demand increases, aluminum door enterprises have higher development in terms of technical content and type. At present, China's aluminum door and window industry has a prominent change, that is, from quantitative to qualitative change, new varieties and new forms have begun to evolve and develop, and its characteristics are reflected in the following aspects:
  under the market economy conditions, China's overall economy is developing at a high speed. People can no longer meet the old series of 70, 90 and other products that have remained unchanged for decades. It requires high-grade multi-functional window type, which not only has high requirements for air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance, but also heat insulation, heat preservation and separation. Sound, shock and fire have new requirements. This requires companies to introduce advanced window models or develop their own new energy-saving windows. 
  Many business leaders have begun to realize that competition among enterprises is increasing, and if they do not advance, they will retreat. If you only rely on low quality and low price products, it will be eliminated by the market. Enterprises are beginning to feel a sense of urgency and a sense of crisis. To survive, they must resort to high technology, speed up the development of new products, and create their own brand names as soon as possible. 
  China's aluminum door and window industry began to change from quantitative to qualitative.
  Aluminum doors and windows to high-tech, multi-functional development, first of all to aluminum, glass, etc. have new, high requirements to meet the development needs of new aluminum doors and windows. There are more than 1,000 aluminum profile factories in China, and more than 2,000 extruders of various specifications, but there are few large-tonnage extruders. Several 3600T extruders have been introduced continuously in the past one or two years. Due to the increase of new door and window series, it is required to make the profile section more and more complicated and difficult to meet the requirements of the new series of doors and windows. Users need a variety of colors for the color of aluminum except bronze and white; the surface treatment of aluminum In addition to oxidation and electrophoretic painting, resin coating, paint spraying and fluorocarbon coating are added; in order to make the surface of the aluminum material smoother, chemical polishing and sandblasting are used; in order to reduce the heat conduction of the aluminum profile, the heat-insulating bridge aluminum profile is produced; In order to meet the development of aluminum doors and windows, first of all, the quality of aluminum should be improved, and new developments and new breakthroughs must be made.
  The development of aluminum alloy doors and windows has higher requirements for glass. Our doors and windows have been developed from white glass to brown and colored glass, and various energy-saving heat-reflecting coated glass. For the sake of safety, we have produced tempered, semi-tempered glass, tempered hollow, laminated glass, etc. Recently, we have introduced domestic low-emission coated glass, also known as LOW-E glass. Since it is newly introduced, we should have it. Initial understanding, in order to choose correctly, do not believe in the intentional speculation of foreign equipment manufacturers, and affect the construction of our country.

Aluminum door and window industry

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