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Classification of door and window sealing strips and quality identification methods!

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Classification of door and window sealing strips and quality identification methods!

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Insulating glass complete equipment manufacturers tell you: the sealing strip of doors and windows is one of the important factors affecting the quality of doors and windows. It needs to have the important functions of waterproofing, sealing and energy saving. It has the functions of sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze and warmth, and it is also very strong. The tensile strength, good elasticity, and better need of temperature resistance and aging resistance. At present, the seal strip market generally has modified PVC, vulcanized EPDM rubber seals and thermoplastic EPDM rubber (EPDM/PP) strips. However, in this mixed market environment, how to identify good quality? Today, the small series of the door and window city has come to the trick! 
  Classification and characteristics of door and window sealing strips
  According to statistics, China's building energy consumption has accounted for 27.5% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. The energy lost through the gap around the closed doors and windows usually accounts for 37-40% of the building energy consumption. Therefore, it is very important to improve the sealing performance between the fan frame and the glass, especially between the window frame and the window sash. 
  1. Modified PVC strip
  modified PVC strip: the price is relatively low, due to the different quality, low-end products due to the use of waste, alternative plasticizers and high filling, resulting in poor flexibility of the strip, easy to hard It has a scented nose and is easy to migrate to make the frame yellow and has a short service life. Since PVC products contain halogens and stabilizers contain heavy metals, they are not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, foreign developed countries and domestic Beijing and coastal cities have eliminated or restricted the use of PVC strips. 
  2. Vulcanized EPDM seals
  vulcanized EPDM rubber seals: stronger than PVC strips in sealing elastic durability, but due to the need for microwave vulcanization line shaping, high processing energy consumption, usually PVC processing 20 More than double, the product can not be reused, not environmentally friendly, not a product advocated by the state. 
  3. Thermoplastic EPDM sealing strip
  thermoplastic EPDM rubber sealing strip This sealing strip is a new material developed on the basis of foreign imported technology and domestic independent research and development in recent years, mainly used for automobile door and window sealing strip. Its performance and service life are equivalent to those of vulcanized EPDM rubber seals. It does not contain heavy metals such as halogen and lead. It can be recycled after several years. It meets the requirements of green building materials and has been used in building door and window seals in recent years.
  How to choose a sealing strip, the purchaser has to practice a pair of "eyes". 
  Classification of door and window sealing strips and quality identification methods! 
  1. Combustion method (can distinguish between thermoplastic and rubber strips) 
  A. Rubber strips are ash after burning and cannot be drawn. The ash is white, and the silicon rubber is still white after being rubbed on the white paper; the ash is black, and the black is the EPDM or the neoprene rubber after being rubbed on the white paper. The ash is black, and the natural rubber is touched by hand when it is pressed. 
  B. After the thermoplastic elastomer strip is burned, it can be drawn into a filament at the extinction place, wherein EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) has a distinct acetic acid taste. PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) have obvious burning characteristics of candles, which can be burned continuously and accompanied by melting and falling. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) type rubber strips have the characteristics of being extinguished from fire and with black smoke and pungent odor. 
  C.TPV thermoplastic vulcanizate: surface matt, with melt drawing phenomenon, floating in water or suspended in water. 
  D.SEBS thermoplastic elastomer sealing strip: surface matt, with the phenomenon of melt drawing, slowly sinking in water. 
  2. Measuring tensile force 
  Relatively speaking, as a sealing strip material, it should have a certain tensile strength, standard requirements: strength ≥ 5Mpa. The higher the amount of glue in the same material, the better the tensile force. Generally speaking, the service life will be relatively longer and the sealing effect will be better. 
  3. Smell the smell. 
  Use the nose to smell if there is any smell. The normal PVC material has a bit of alcohol and almost no smell. 
  4. Wrap the sealing strip as tightly as possible on the profile and leave it at high temperature for a period of time (on the roof or in a sunny place). 
  See if the contact surface between the surface of the profile and the sealing strip is stained and discolored, whether the dust on the surface of the sealing strip is yellow (the oil is easy to absorb the soil), and whether it is dirty or not. 
  5. Some of the cheaper seal fillers will be a lot, so the surface will not be very bright, and those that are cheap and not bright are not desirable.

Classification of door and window sealing strips and quality identification methods!

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