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Aluminum-plastic door and window equipment factory manufacturers tell you: to avoid the defects of hollow glass two-component hand scraping processing

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Aluminum-plastic door and window equipment factory manufacturers tell you: to avoid the defects of hollow glass two-component hand scraping processing

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 Aluminum windows and doors plant home to tell you: In the production of hollow glass, double sealed insulating glass production of high reliability and widely used. Two-component insulating glass glue is coated by two methods of machine coating and manual coating. At present, the production of hand-coated hollow glass is used by most manufacturers due to low cost and low investment. 
  However, there are three defects that cannot be avoided in the manual squeegee hollow glass
  . 1. The ratio is inconsistent.
  2. The unevenness of
  the mixing. 3. The glue cannot be applied to the insulating glass immediately after mixing, so that it can be vulcanized to complete vulcanization on the glass. This process
  The appearance of a two-component glue machine first met the three defects that could not be avoided when manually hand-scraping. At the same time, the rubber structure which is applied to the edge of the glass by the high pressure of the glue machine is dense, and the same glue is hand-mixed and applied to the glass to be soft and bubbled. Just like the concrete structure of cement concrete is shocked and shocked, and the concrete without the earthquake can not reach the required strength even if the amount of cement is increased. Therefore, high-standard insulating glass, such as curtain wall hollow, is required to be produced by machine coating. 
  Machine coating is currently the only way to avoid the four major defects of manual scraping.
  At present, the world's two-component glue machine must be coated with a matching two-component machine, and the machine glue is actually fully ground and filtered. The hand is glued, the glue has good fluidity and no impurities, but the glue has little relationship with the sealing performance of the glue itself, just to match the machine's operability, that is, the fine physical processing of the glue, in use It is also common to block the machine. If the machine is used in the machine for 10 minutes, it will not work. 
  The glue machine, as its name suggests, is a machine. The so-called machine is a kind of equipment that can improve the efficiency more than the artificial production of insulating glass. In addition to improving the quality of the insulating glass, the efficiency of the insulating machine on the market is not obvious. There are quite a lot of equipments that are not as effective as manual scraping, which is based on the above reasons.
  First, the cost of the matching machine is
  two. The low production efficiency is the main reason why the majority of insulating glass enterprises are not used.

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