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Industrial aluminum equipment manufacturers tell you: building energy conservation needs to vigorously promote insulating glass

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Industrial aluminum equipment manufacturers tell you: building energy conservation needs to vigorously promote insulating glass

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Industrial aluminum equipment manufacturers tell you: the promotion and use of insulating glass is a sign of the progress of the times, and the development of building energy conservation situation is attributable.Insulating glass is sealed by two or more layers of glass. The interlayer is filled with an inert gas with a large viscosity coefficient and a small thermal conductivity to reduce the convective heat transfer in the interlayer. It is a product that is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction. 
  As a building energy-saving material, insulating glass has appeared abroad since the 1960s, but in the country, especially in the south, the application is still in its infancy. After the introduction of insulating glass technology in China, China has continuously developed and perfected it, and related enterprises of insulating glass have quietly emerged. At present, there are many large and small glass manufacturers and glass deep processing enterprises in the country that are involved in insulating glass. Many people in the industry believe that there are not many enterprises that can produce high-grade insulating glass. It still takes time for the development of insulating glass to mature in China. Therefore, at present, the technical level of insulating glass can be used as a standard to measure the level of glass enterprises. 
  The most energy-efficient glass recognized internationally is the so-called "low-radiation insulating glass" (also known as Low-E insulating glass). The energy-saving glass is coated with one or more layers of silver on the surface of the glass to make the visible light "high-through" while the heat remains "low-pass". In this way, the external heat can be blocked from entering the room in the summer, and the energy consumption of the air conditioner can be reduced; in the winter, the heat in the room is blocked from leaking to the outside, and the loss of the heat is reduced, so that energy can be saved all the year round. 
  Relevant statistics show that the amount of heat leaking through the window glass in winter accounts for 1/3 of the heating consumption. If new energy-saving glass is used, the “key area” where the heat is lost from the window can be a good insulation facility. It can make the indoor temperature rise faster, and the holding time is longer, which can greatly improve the comfort in the room. 
  Depending on the location of the insulating glass and the purpose of use, the raw materials and structures used are not the same. For example, in the southern region, the annual temperature is higher and the illumination time is longer. When using insulating glass, more consideration is given to controlling the external heat to enter the room less. When selecting the original insulating glass, more consideration is given to using the coated glass. .In the northern region, the main purpose of using insulating glass is heating and heat preservation, so more consideration will be given to using transparent glass as the original insulating glass. Where noise is required, a three-layer or aerated insulating glass is required for the purpose of use.
  Insulating glass is a good-performing glass structure for buildings that require heating, air conditioning, noise or condensation prevention, and the need for direct sunlight and special light. Due to the late start of insulating glass in China, there are limitations on the level of professional equipment and professional workers. Although small enterprises can also see the rubber-type insulating glass made by manual operation, due to the different levels of processing equipment and workers, the product is more random and the quality is not easy to guarantee.Some poorly produced insulating glass is easy to degumming after a long period of use, causing dust and discoloration. In fact, it should be said that regardless of aluminum trough-type insulating glass or strip-type insulating glass, it is not too sophisticated technology, many companies have sufficient funds and capacity to develop insulating glass. 
  People in the industry have affirmed that the popularity of insulating glass is the trend of the times, and the demand is also growing rapidly. But on the other hand, the insulating glass market is far from mature. At present, ordinary consumers have not enough understanding of building energy conservation, and there is still a fairly broad market for insulating glass. Moreover, there are many problems that plague the insulating glass market. The technical level of enterprises is uneven, and there are still low levels of operations, extensive operations, and mixed situations. Some enterprises are not enough, and there is no processing of insulating glass for the time being. Of course, they are in a relatively unfavorable position in the future market competition. Some enterprises are irresponsible, and ordinary double glass is used instead of high-grade insulating glass. According to industry insiders, insulating glass has certain requirements for materials and equipment. The country also has certain technical standards. It is difficult for ordinary double glass to meet national first-class energy-saving standards.Some manual processing can not meet the growth of market demand in terms of speed, and it cannot guarantee high level and high quality. After condensation and failure of the insulating glass, it not only affects the appearance and vision, but more importantly, it leads to the lack of performance of insulating, heat preservation and noise reduction of the insulating glass. 
  With the strengthening of national promotion and the increase in understanding of insulating glass, the technical level and product quality will be improved. In particular, the government departments will gradually regulate the insulating glass market. Under the market competition, a number of enterprises with low technology and technology will be eliminated. The promotion of insulating glass will also develop in a better direction.

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