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What problems will occur after using the insulating glass equipment for a long time?

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What problems will occur after using the insulating glass equipment for a long time?

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Insulating glass complete equipment manufacturers tell you: Insulating glass equipment generally has a warranty period of 10 years, but only for the sealing and bonding properties of insulating glass, such as: intermediate fogging, water vapor, sealant peeling, glass shedding, etc. . As for the glass rupture, because there are many factors that can be caused, it is impossible to completely determine the problem of the glass itself, so it is generally not guaranteed. 
Insulating glass is continuously subjected to external environmental corrosion and external force during the whole life cycle of use. After using for a period of time, some hollow glass will have various quality problems, two of which are mainly:
one is the failure of insulating glass sealing performance (gas leakage) ), the hollow glass produces a dew point, and loses the thermal insulation function; the
second is that the hollow glass bursts and the outer piece falls off, which easily causes serious safety hazards.In particular, the failure of the insulating performance of the insulating glass leads to a decrease in its load-bearing capacity, and the outer sheet is more likely to fall off under the action of an external force. Therefore, to study the basic theory of the bearing properties of insulating glass, the insulating glass equipment understands the strength characteristics and deformation characteristics of the insulating glass under the external load, rationally designs the size of the insulating glass structure, and proposes a set of on-site detection methods for the sealing performance of the hollow glass hollow layer. It is of great significance to guide the application of insulating glass engineering, reduce the failure probability of insulating glass, and ensure the safe and reliable use of insulating glass.

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