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Shandong Aode Machinery Co, Ltd.

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Quality system

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Company quality policy
※ Adhere to technological innovation and management innovation, continuously improve the quality of products and services, and meet the requirements of customers and laws and regulations.
Company quality objectives
※ The passing rate of one inspection in the product process is over 95%;
※ The product quality has reached customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is over 98%.
According to the basic principle of quality management - process method, the company's quality management system is divided into four major processes:
1. Management responsibility process
This process determines the company's quality policy and objectives, forms documents; establishes the company's quality organization, clarifies the relationship; stipulates the responsibilities, authorities, and relationships of management, execution, and verification personnel related to quality; clarifies that the company's fundamental goal is to achieve Enhance customer satisfaction.
2. Resource management process
Human resources and production facilities are the guarantee for the effective operation of the quality management system and the basis for product realization. This process manages and controls the above two resources.
3. Product realization process
This process effectively controls various factors and links affecting product realization through product realization planning, customer-related processes, design and development, procurement, production and service provision, measurement and monitoring device control. Quality objectives and requirements.
4. Measurement, analysis and improvement process
This process specifies the management content and requirements for internal audits, process monitoring and measurement, product monitoring and measurement, nonconforming product control, data analysis, corrective actions, and preventive actions to meet customer requirements and achieve continuous improvement.

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Liaocheng Ode Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Free 400 telephones nationwide:400-004-0968

Mobile phone:13906350497

Tel:0635-8976288 8723968
Add: Jiaming Industrial Park of Liaocheng, Shandong

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